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August 30th – September 2nd, 1999

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This International biennial Conference, sixth in a series (1989, 1991, 1993, 1995 and 1997 previous conferences) is organised by the Global Network of Environmental Science and Technology (GLOBAL NEST- GNEST) and the Department of Environmental Studies of the University of the Aegean.

The aim of the Conference is to present results of research and innovated technologies related to environmental problems, which threaten the quality of life in our planet. In view of the success of the previous Conferences it is expected that the major part of the Greek environmental scientists and engineers as well as a large number of international participants specialising in environmental technology will take part in this event.

- Environmental performance of enterprises - Eco auditing
- Solid waste management
- Air quality - atmospheric pollution
- Ecosystems management-ecology-ecological engineering
- Water quality
- Liquid waste treatment and management
- Environmental law - environmental policies
- Environmental economics - sustainable development
- Global environmental change
- Pollution control technologies
- Systems analysis and operations research in environmental management
- Environmental Pollution and Human Health

Submission of Abstracts (up to 2 pages) 30.09.98
Provisional acceptance 15.11.98
Full paper submission 15.02.99
Paper review and final acceptance 30.04.99
Revision and final submission: one month after the acceptance.

The official conference languages are Greek and English. There will be translation of the oral presentations from Greek to English.

Papers presented in Greek must include an English summary. It is desirable that English papers include a Greek summary.

Papers will be provisionally accepted by the Scientific Committee on the basis of the abstracts. The full papers will be reviewed before final acceptance for presentation.

All accepted papers will be included in the Conference Proceedings, which will consist of two volumes: one with the papers (and summaries) in Greek and one with the papers (and summaries) in English.

Papers submitted in English will be considered (with the authors’ consent) for inclusion in a special issue of the "GLOBAL NEST: The International Journal"

The 6th Conference on Environmental Science and Technology will take place at the Hotel "Doryssa Bay" in the town of Pythagorion on the Island of Samos located in the eastern Aegean Sea.

Pythagorion is a picturesque sea resort with a unique character frequented by artists.

Participants are encouraged to give the opportunity to their wives and children to enjoy the beautiful beaches of the Island of Samos.

To register, please fill in and send the attached registration form. The registration fee includes the Conference Proceedings, lunches, beverages, coffees and the official conference dinner.

Registration Fees :

  For payments
till 31/07/99
For payments
after 31/07/99
Authors 50.000 Drs 55.000 Drs
Participants 55.000 Drs 60.000 Drs
Students 25.000 Drs 25.000 Drs


Several types of accommodation can be arranged at varying prices.

For hotel accommodation :

- Hotel Doryssa Bay, where the Conference will take place can be conducted directly
tel. : 0030 273 61360 or 61390 or 61060, fax : 0030 273 61463

- The local tourist office tel.: 0030 273 61389 or 61022

The air tickets to and from the Island of Samos - there are about four schedule flights by the Olympic Airways per day - should be booked long in advance i.e. July as the first week of September is a high touristic season. The boat tickets should also be booked in advance and if a car is taken to the island the return ferry ticket should be ensured. The airport is very near to Pythagorion and one could use bus service, taxi or hire a car.

There are banking facilities in the town of Pythagorion. Traveller’s cheques and international credit cards are accepted in banks, most shops and restaurants.

Aspasia Liati
30, Voulgaroktonou str., GR114 72 Athens, Greece
Tel.: 0030 1 6400194-5-6 Fax: 0030 1 6468316