ICTM '98 Evaluation Form

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3. Please evaluate the academic part of the conference (1=Low...10=High)
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The scientific value of the conference

The practical value of the conference
The conference program
The Invited Speakers
The Invited talks
The authors of the papers
The papers presented
The posters presented
The proceedings


2. Please evaluate the organisation part of the conference (1=Low...10=High)
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Publicity of the conference
Conference poster
Conference web page
The excursion to Patnos
Program Organisation
Organisation in general


4. Please evaluate the hotel/conference facilities (1=Low...10=High)
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The conference center
The Doryssa hotel
The Kouros hotel
The Fito Hotel


5. Please evaluate the Workshops (1=Low...10=High)
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Workshops organisation
Workshops interest

6. Please tell us any other comments