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September 1st - 3rd, 2005



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  • 1st  Announcement for the 9th International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology - 2005

The ninth International biennial Conference on Environmental Science and Technology will present the most recent technological and scientific developments associated with environmental problems, emphasising the synthesis of scientific expertise achieved in individual disciplines of environmental science and technology. This synthesis, in combination with the integration of environmental information with economic and social aspects, is prerequisite for adopting sustainable solutions to the numerous contemporary problems.


In view of the success of the previous Conferences dating back to 1989, the meeting aims to bring together engineers, scientists and other professionals from a number of different countries, involved in environmental research and development activities.


Conference Venue


Registration fee



Greek Scientific Committe

International Scientific Committee

Organising Committee



















The aim of the Conference is to identify and promote best practices in environmental resources management and planning, to present realistic scenarios and reliable economic analysis of environmental issues, to achieve a better understanding of environmental problems, and to seek their solution.

 In this conference, priority will be given to the following areas:

  • Global environmental change and ecosystems management,

  • Water resources management and planning,

  • Water quality issues, 

  • Air quality issues,

  • Solid waste management, recycling and sustainability

We welcome abstracts of original work on any environmental issue including those related to the following topics: 

  • Environmental dynamics:
meteorology, hydrology, geophysics
  • Environmental pollution:         
air, water, soil, noise, radiation, multi-media;
sources, pathways, sinks and interactions between pollutants
  • Environmental sustainability:   

     - Solid waste management
     - Water supply and waste
       water treatment and reuse
resources management & recycling;
management of air, water and soil quality;
environmental systems approach


  • Global change:      
climate change, global warming, ozone layer depletion, human geography, deforestation, desertification
  • Ecological engineering:   
eco-technology, bio-engineering, habitat reconstruction, stream river and wetland restoration
  • Environmental restoration:   
ground water remediation, soil decontamination, hazardous landfill leachates
  • Environmental and occupational medicine
  • Epidemiology and risk analysis
  • Wastes (municipal, industrial, agricultural): 

management, treatment, control and disposal

Each thematic session will be introduced by distinguished practitioners and scientists acting as keynote speakers.


Submission of abstracts

15.12.2004       extended
                      till 15.01.2005
Provisional acceptance 31.01.2005
Full paper submission 31.03.2005       extended
                      till 15.04.2005
Paper review and final acceptance 15.05.2005       extended
                      till 31.05.2005


Papers are invited on the topics mentioned above and othes falling within the scope of the Conference. 

For further instruction on paper submission, please see the Instuctions to Authors page.


  • Conference Language

    The official conference languages are Greek and English. 
    Papers will be written in English for the inclusion in the proceedings, which are covered by ISI system.


Papers will be provisionally accepted by the Scientific Committee on the basis of the abstracts. The full papers will be reviewed before final acceptance for presentation.

All accepted papers will be included in the Conference Proceedings. We remind at this point that due to the quality of the presentations of the Conference, the proceedings have been included in the major data banks of the internationsl scientific community, such as Science Citation Index (ISI) and Chemical Abstracts and SRCosmos.

Selected papers will also be considered (with the authors’ consent) for inclusion in a special issue of the "GLOBAL NEST: the International Journal". 


The 9th Conference on Environmental Science and Technology will take place in Rhodes Island, Greece.

Participants are encouraged to invite their families to enjoy the beautiful island of Rhodes.


To register, please fill in and send the Registration Form.  

  • Registration fee

The registration fee includes the Conference Proceedings, lunches, beverages, coffees and the official conference dinner.

Authors / Participants 300 euro
Students 150 euro

Please send payment by cheque payable to Research Unit, University of the Aegean 
by bank draft
or by credit card

Research Unit, University of the Aegean

Alpha Bank (Greece) - IBAN: GR 720140-6010-601002001000060


(Please quote your name and mail or fax a copy of the Bank receipt to the Secretariat)


Several types of accommodation can be arranged at varying prices.

Details will be available later on.


Access to the island of Rhodes is possible by plane via  Athens, Thessaloniki and many other international airports or by ferry boat from Athens (Pireus), Thessaloniki and other ports.
The air tickets to and from the island of Rhodes should be booked long in advance, as the first weeks of September are a high tourist season. The boat tickets should be booked in advance and if a car is taken to the island the return ferry ticket should be ensured.
Bus and taxi services are available at reasonable rates.


University of the Aegean
9th International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology
30, Voulgaroktonou str., GR-114 72 Athens, Greece
Tel.: + 30 210 6492450, - 452

Fax: + 30 210 6492499
E-mail: cest@gnest.org


This page was last updated: June 9, 2005

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