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Water Quality

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Distribution and Quality of Solid Discharges in the Acheloos River Delta

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Evaluation of the ecological water quality in streams of the lake N. Plastira region (C. Greece) in April and July 2000

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Assessment of the quality characteristics of Pinios River, Greece

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Monitoring of the Pollution from Heavy Metals in Surface Waters of Greece

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Micelle mediated methodology for the determination of iron, cobalt and nickel in environmental samples by flame atomic absorption spectrometry

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Photolytic decomposition of Bentazone by the use of polyoxometallates

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Application of a stoichiometric model for quantifying trihalomethane formation in drinking water

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An integrated water quality assessment of the lake Pamvotis. Restoration and management scenarios

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Photochemical studies of the anti-inflammatory drug Diclofenac in aqueous solutions

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Quality of Surface Waters in Greece Regarding the Nitrate Concentration

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Sample handling strategies for the trace-level determination of pesticides and their degradation products in environmental matrices: A Review

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The Relationship between land cover/Use types and the diversity of weed and carabid beetles in organic and conventional agroecosystems

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Towards a System of Environmental Quality Indicators for Sites With Ecological Interest

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A Model for Ecological Risk Assessment of Wading Birds

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Point and Non-point Pollution of the Ramsar Wetland Koronia in Northern Greece

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Prediction of Mercury Fate and Atmospheric Emission from Terrestrial Landscapes

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Modeling Vegetation Exposure to Organic Compounds: the Importance of Atmosphere-Canopy Exchange Parameterization

Zafiropoulos D., Merlini L.

Research and Conservation of a Resident Bottlenose Dolphin Population in Amvrakikos Gulf

Dimoyiannis D.G., Valmis S., Vyrlas P.

A Rainfall Simulation Study of Erosion of Some Calcareous Soils