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Water uses

Sakellariou - Makrantonaki M., Kalfountzos D., Vyrlas P.

Irrigation Water Saving and Yield Increase with Subsurface Drip Irrigation

Waste water treatment I

Jamrah A.I., Abu-Tarbush M.

Enhancing Biological Treatment of Textile Wastewater Using Powdered Activated Carbon

Loukidou M.X., Matis K.A., Zouboulis A.I.

Removal of Arsenic from Contaminated Dilute Aqueous Solutions by Biosorption

Matsis V., Grigoropoulou E.

Odor Emission in a Small Wastewater Treatment Plant

Papadopoulos A., Parissopoulos G., Papadopoulos F., Karteris A.

Variations of COD/BOD5 Ratio at Different Units of a Wastewater Stabilization Pond Pilot Treatment Facility

Papavasilopoulos E.N., Markantonatos P.G.

Managing Organic Polymers in the Mechanical Dewatering of Sludges

Petala M., Albanis T.A., Samaras P., Kungolos A., Sakellaropoulos G.P.

The Use of Jar Tests for the Determination of Coagulation Conditions of a Secondary Effluent

Prochaska C.A., Zouboulis .., Solozhenkin P.M.

Removal of Metal (Cadmium and Zinc) by Galvanochemical Treatment
Solid Waste

Katsikaris K., Voutsas E., Stamataki S., Magoulas K.

Development of recycling process for used ferrous-nickel slag as abrasive material in sandblasting operations

Koliopoulos T.C., Skordilis A.

Risk Analysis of Landfill Design Response to seismic Loading

Pretz T., Nikou N., Kontos Ch.

The Effects of the European Directives 94/62/EC and 99/31/EC to the waste management sector in Greece

Tagaris E., Sotiropoulou R.E.P., Pilinis C., Halvadakis C.P.

Methane as Odor Index in Landfill Sites

Triantafillopoulos A., Skordilis A.

Leachate and biogas management in Patras Landfill

Vassilopoulos A., Evelpidou N., Vaiopoulos D.

A sanitary landfill selection in Naxos Island with the use of GIS and a system of multiple criteria

Zorpas A., Vlyssides A., Chiou G., Arapoglou D., Petrou S., Loukakis H.

Compost Characterization and the Affect of Compost Product in Deferent Cultivation

Christophilopoulos E.

The Quality of Environmental Statements in Greece