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Air pollution

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PM10 Concentrations and lead isotope variations of PM10 in the town of Kozani, West Macedonia, Hellas

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Exhaust gases produced by industrial steam generation in Greater Thessaloniki Area

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Comparative study of pretreatment methods for the determination of metals in atmospheric aerosols by Electrothermal AAS

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Fourier Analysis of the Mean Monthly NOx Concentrations in the Athens Vicinity

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Air p´llution concentration Levels in Thessaloniki during the period 1989 ľ 1999
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I.N.A.A. of Trace Elements in Atmospheric Particulates of Patras, Greece, during January and February of 1999

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Disposal of Carbondioxide in Mineral Form
Climate change

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CO2 Uptake by Azadirachta siamensis and Pterocarpus macrocarpus in Plantations, Thailand

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Potential Effects on the Water Resources of Two Watersheds Due to Future Climate Change
Marine pollution

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Stability of IRGAROL 1051 and DIURON on Disposable Solid - Phase Extraction Precolumns and Their Presence at Two Greek Ports

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Determination of Anthropogenic Organic Compounds in the Sediments of a Deltaic-Coastal Area. The Case of Igoumenitsa Gulf and Kalamas River

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The Influence of Strymon River on Dissolved Oxygen and Nutrient Distribution in Strymonikos Gulf, North Aegean Sea, Greece

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Marinas Sustainable Development

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Dissolved and Particulate Organic Carbon in an Eastern Mediterranean Environment (Saronicos Gulf, Greece)