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Waste water treatment

Athanasiadis I., Becatorou A., Lindner C., Kourkoutas J., Iconomopoulou M., Boskou D., Blekas G.

Whey Liquid Waste of Dairy Industry as Raw Material for Fermentation by Kefir Granules

Frounda K., Zissi O., Kornaros M., Lyberatos G.

Biological Treatment of Textile Waste Water in an Aerobic Sequencing Batch Reactor

Karamalidis A.K., Voudrias E.A.

Stabilization/Solidification of Oil Refinery Sludge: Immobilization of Heavy Metals

Kornaros M., Lyberatos G.

Biological treatment of Wastewaters from a Dye Manufacturing Company Using a Trickling Filter

Kourkoutas ., Dimitropoulou S., Marchant R., Nigam P., Banat I.M., Kioseoglou V., Psarianos C., Koutinas A.A.

Whey Liquid Waste of Dairy Industry as Raw Material for Fermentation with the Thermophilic Kluyveromyces Marxianus IMB3

Liaska M., Despotidou M., Kaloudis T., Katsara K., Xenos D.

Industrial Wastewater in the Area of responsibility of EYDAP - An Overview of the present status
Psillakis E., Kalogerakis N.

Identification of Volatile and Semi-Volatile Compounds in Olive-Oil Mill Wastewater by Headspace SPME and GC

Samaras P., Kungolos A., Stavrakis I, Petala M., Kalafati E., Pantelidou Ch., Tsirtou M., Sakellaropoulos G.P.

Evaluation of Toxicity of Various Metal Elements to Different Microorganisms

Stasinakis A.S., Thomaidis N.S., Giannes A.S., Lekkas T.D.

Toxicity of Arsenic and Mercury Speciation in Activated Sludge

Tsitsa A.

Disposal of industrial wastes coming from electroplating pH-ORP automatically controlled system
Env. Impacts

Antoniou V., Tsoukali H., Zantopoulos N.

Effect of Toxic Substances on Bees and Wild Fauna Birds
Chirakaki M.

Environmental Impact Assessment Process: Application Problems and Perspectives

Dimopoulos .F., Serelis K., Tsiros I.X., Chronopoulou-Sereli A.

Statistical Modeling to Estimate Spatial Distribution of Airborne Fluoride in Natural Vegetation Around an Industrial Point Emission Source

Ganev V.S., Dimitrov P.S., Petropoulos E.A.

Environmental Toxicants Implicated in the Etiology of Balkan Endemic Nephropathy: Molecular Mechanisms of Their Toxicity at the Cellular Level

Georgantelis D., Papavergou E., Tsoumbaris P., Katsouyannopoulos V.

Determination of trace metals in canned cephalopods
Mountouris A., Voutsas E., Tassios D.

Establishing metal sediment quality criteria: methodologies and application to Greek areas

Papatheodorou G., Stefatos A., Christodoulou D., Ferentinos G.

Remote sensing in submarine archaelogy and marine cultural resources management: an ancient shipwreck outside Zakynthos port, Greece.