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Env. Management

Balazs K., Skutai J., Angyan J., Podmaniczky L.

Planning Multifunctional Agriculture. A case Study for Ecological Model Centre of Babat Valley

Manoliadis O., Baronos A., Tsolas I., Vatalis K.

Environmental Impact Assessment of Irrigation Systems Using Sustainability Indices

Maries A.

Construction in a Changing Climate

Marouli Ch., Kaldellis J.K.

Risk in the Greek Electricity Production Sector
Meo M., Laguros J.

Technological Innovation for Pollution Prevention: Development of an Environmentally - Benign Pesticide and the Reclamation of Degraded Land with Fly Ash

Nikolaou A., Kavadakis G., Panoutsou C.

Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Bioenergy and Fossil Energy Systems in Greece

Paraskevas P.A., Giokas D.L., Kolokythas G., Haralampopoulos D., Stathelli A.

Wastewater Management in the Island of Lesvos, Greece

Pavlikakis G.., Tsihrintzis V.A.

Environmental Quality Indicator for the Nestos Delta - Lakes Vistonida and Ismarida National Park

Petrolekas P.D., Charalambous A.

Land Use Planning Considerations in the Context of Seveso II Regulations

Sotiropoulos A., Anagnostou Ch., Sioulas A.

The Barrier Islands -Lagoons System Of Lefkas Island. Suggestions for an Intergrated Management Plan

Tourlou P.M., Moussiopoulos N.

An Integrated System for the Assessment of Air Pollution Control Strategies in Urban Areas: Application to Athens
Env. Modeling

Louka P., Ketzel M., Sahm P., Guilloteau E., Moussiopoulos N., Sini J.-F., Mestayer P.G., Berkowicz R.

CFD intercomparison exercise within TRAPOS European research network
Ground water pollution

Antonopoulos V.Z.

Nitrogen uptake and leaching during irrigation with treated municipal wastewater in corn fields

Evelpidou N., Vassilopoulos A.

Digital image processing, photogrammetry and GIS methods in Environmental studies
Konstantopoulos T.

The Environmental Impact of Inert Landfill sites on Groundwater Quality

New Technologies & trends

Syrrakou H., Yiannoulis P., Skordilis A.

Environmental Decision-making using GIS and LCA