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Session No 1: Plenary Session 
Session No 2: Environmental Policies and Sustainable Development 
Session No 3: Water Quality 
Session No 4: Air Pollution 
Session No 5: Environmental Modelling 
Session No 6: Solid Waste Management 
Session No 7: New Technologies and Trends (I) 
Session No 8: Environmental Impacts 
Session No 9: Ecosystems 
Session No 10: Wastewater Treatment 
Session No 11: New Technologies and Trends (II) 
Session No 12: Wastewater management - Marine Pollution 
Session No 13: Environmental Pollution and Human Health
Session No 14: Ground water Pollution and Management
Session No 15: Environmental Management




Session No 1: Plenary Session                                 [Top]

Monday 30 August, morning, room A 

Session Chairmen: D. Panagiotakopoulos – N. Spyrellis


Panagiotakopoulos D.X. The Scientist, the Environment and Policy making: the anatomy of the conference

Vlachos E. Setting up the scene

Beriatos E., Kungolos A., Papadopoulos S., Vatseris C. Environmental investigation of the subsurface and soil decontamination by Bio-Venting technique in Evosmos

Spyrellis N., Lazana D., Karavanas, A., Haloulakou A., Galanopoulou E., Papadopoulos P., Stratigaki Th. Determination and assessment of risk due to to hazardous chemicals in SMEs foundries and surface treatment plants

Ganev V.S., Petropoulos E. Balkan endemic nephropathy and its putative environmental and genetic causes: A Review

Session No 2: Environmental Policies and 
                            Sustainable Development     

Monday 30 August, afternoon, room B 

Session Chairmen: E. Vlachos – D. Panagiotakopoulos


Tassios D. Management of resources for sustainable development: Entropy "shows" the way

Ovander L.M., Ovander S.L., Voznyuk O.V. Ecology as a philosophical problem: on the concept of the ecology of wholeness

Tsiliyannis C.A. Superposition of environmental damages and effect on environmental policies

Achilias D.S., Kungolos A., Sanopoulos D. Indicators of sustainable development in Greece

Ha Huong Environmental policies and natural resource management in Southeast Asia-Contemporary issues

Papajannopoulos A. Land use economics aiming to viable development

Eyles J. Environmental policy under uncertainty: Case-studies of claims-making

Kolokytha E., Mylopoulos Y. Perspectives of a sustainable water supply policy in Greek islands

Georgiades N., Cartalis C., Proedrou M. MEDACT-APHRODITE project. A collaboration of Cyprus and Greece for environmental policy and legislation

Session No 3: Water Quality                                         [Top]

Monday 30 August, afternoon, room C 

Session Chairmen: N. Graham A. Lazarou


Kostopoulou M., Golfinopoulos S., Nikolaou A., Xylourgidis N., Lekkas T.
The occurrence of volatile halogenated organic compounds in the surface waters of N. Greece

Montesanto B., Ziller S., Panayotidis P. Ecological quality of running waters in NE Chalkidiki: Biological indicators/diatoms

Mallikopoulou J., Vassilandonopoulou G., Koronakis D., Tzoumerkas Ph., Xenos D. Microbiological, toxicological and chemical study of Mornos reservoir U.V.– disinfected water

Nanou-Giannarou A., Andreadakis A., Lazarou A. Pollution of the water resources in Greece due to agricultural activities

Jennings J.R., White K.N., Lazaridou-Dimitriadou M., Lekka E. A preliminary investigation into the ordination and classification of Greek rivers

Skoulikidis N.Th., Gritzalis K., Bertahas I., Koussouris Th. Environmental quality assessment of a Mediterranean river system

Drouin S.A., Artemiadou V., Lazaridou-Dimitriadou M., White K.N. An integrated water quality assessment of the river Axios during the 1998 low flow season

Tsanis I. Evaluation of the impact of effluent discharges on a proposed water intake

Belic S., Savic R., Belic A. Water quality in view of the irrigation needs

Session No 4: Air Pollution                                         [Top]

Monday 30 August, afternoon, room A 

Session Chairmen: N. Moussiopoulos  – Dem. Asimakopoulos


Michopoulos K., Theoharatos G. Study of the effective temperature index in Athens

Eleftheriadis K., Chung M.-C., Michaleas S., Colbeck I. Atmospheric aerosol evolution and transport over Athens

Asimakopoulos D.N., Helmis C.G., Mousiopoulos N., Lykoudis S., Flocas H.A.

Experimental study of air mass advection over the greater Thessaloniki area

Papageorgopoulou A., Manoli E., Touloumi E., Samara C. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the ambient air of Greek towns in relation to other atmospheric pollutants

Sitaras I.E., Siskos P.A. Study of the gas/particle partitioning of selected PAHs in the atmosphere of Athens

Tsilingiridis G., Mitsopoulos D., Papageorgiou V., Psichoyios P. NMVOC emissions from solvent use in Greece

Gregoriades Y. Statistical analysis of flue gases measurements in central heating devices

Duci A., Haloulakou A., Spyrellis N. Exposure of city residents to Co in Athens urban area: microenvironmental studies of personal Co exposure

Dimashki M., Harrison R.M. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) and their Nitrated Derivatives (Nitro-PAH) in the urban atmosphere

Session No 5: Environmental Modelling                 [Top]

Tuesday 31 August, morning, room B 

Session Chairmen: N. Vlachos  T. Lekkas


Pelekasis N. Effect of rainfall on airfoil performance

Chatziioannou A.E., Gerfen J.B. Microscale emissions modeling system

Mavroidis I. Atmospheric dispersion through obstacle arrays

Assimakopoulos V., Theodoridis G., Moussiopoulos N., Apsimon H.M.

A numerical study of the influence of building geometry on the wind and dispersion characteristics in urban areas

Elkamel A., Ahmed R., Alper E. Optimal air pollution control

Benvenuto F., Marani A., Silvestri S. Data quality control and air pollution nowcasting by neural networks

Feidaros D.K., Sarris I.E., Vlachos N.S. Simulation of dispersion and deposition of gaseous and particulate atmospheric pollutants

Moussiopoulos N., Sahm P., Papalexiou S., Helmis C. Simulation of transboundary air pollution to and from Greece

Latsa M., Kyrkilis D., Stamou A., Assimacopoulos D. Simulation of circulation in aeration tanks

Tsirtsis G., Karydis M. Application of discriminant analysis for water quality assessment in the Aegean

Zacharof A.I., Butler A.P. A stochastic model of landfill leachate and gas production incorporating waste heterogeneity

Kritidis P., Florou H., Chaloulou Ch. The Chernobil accident as a model for radiological risk mapping of Europe

Session No 6: Solid Waste Management                 [Top]

Tuesday 31 August, morning, room A 

Session Chairmen: E. Voudrias  C. Halvadakis


Panagiotakopoulos D., Dokas Y. Minimizing landfill soil-to-refuse ratio through daily cell design

Lekkas E.L. Landfill response to seismic loading

Perkoulidis G., Karagiannidis A., Moussiopoulos N. Modelling waste-tire management with emphasis on energy-recovery logistics

Koliopoulos T.C., Fleming G., Skordilis A. Variation of landfill gas production according to the waste composition

Tagaris E., Halvadakis C.P. Estimating biogas production in MSW land disposal sites

Gyftou P., Psarrou S., Kollia C. An overview on treatment of the wastewaters and sludges from electroplating plants-EU legislation

Zorpas A.A., Vlyssides A.G., Loizidou M. Co-composting of sewage sludge and organic fraction of municipal solid waste in the greater Athens region

Panagiotakopoulos C. A cost-benefit analysis for municipal composting plants

Giannoulidis N., Zabaniotou A. Economical evaluation of domestic wastes incineration

Balis M., Mandylas Ch., Kontos Th., Halvadakis C.P. MSW land disposal siting methodology (The case of Lesvos Island)

Panagiotakopoulos C., Psalti A. Regional solid waste management in Thrace through spreadsheet ILP modeling

Christoulas D., Andreadakis A., Razis J., Hadjibiros K. The municipal solid wastes regime in Greece and relevant European policies

Session No 7: New Technologies and Trends (I)    [Top]

Tuesday 31 August, morning, room C 

Session Chairmen: D. Tassios  – T. Albanis


Voutsas E.C., Tritopoulou E.A., Pappa G.D., Tassios D.P. Thermodynamic applications in Environmental Engineering

Voros N., Magoulas K., Maroulis Z., Papadimitriou J. Innovative pilot project for water recycling from wastewater of milk collection stations

Yakoumis I.V., Kontogeorgis G.M., Kiriakopoulos Sp., Hadjichristidis N.

Polymers and environment: Trends, practices and prospects

Jobbagy A., Aggidis D., Simon J., Efstathiou H., Zagoyianni H. Athens sewer odor elimination method with nitrate solution addition

Hatzianestis J., Sklivagou E.,Georgakopoulou E. Hydrocarbons, pesticides and PCBs in sediments from Thermaikos gulf

Konstantinou I.K., Sakellarides T.M., Albanis T.A. Photodegradation of selected herbicides and insecticides in natural waters under sunlight irradiation

Kotrikla A., Gatidou G., Lekkas T. The HPLC separation of a mixture of herbicides: Effects of temperature and gradient steepness

Gavalaki E., Andreadakis A. Removal of asbestos fibers and pesticides during water treatment

Rigas F., Panteleos P., Laoudis C. Particle and oil removal from oily water by induced air flotation

Mastral A.M., Callen M.S., Murillo R., Garcia T. Assessment of polyaromatics emited from modern power plants

Session No 8: Environmental Impacts                 [Top]

Tuesday 31 August, afternoon, room B 

Session Chairmen: C. Helmis  – D. Diakoulaki

Parcharidis I., Gatsis I., Psomiadis E., Stamatis G. Landsat TM data and information technology to potential water pollution detection in Vegoritis-Petron lakes (Greece)

Helmis C.G., Larssen S., Aalst R.v., Manalis M., Lykoudis S. QA/QC criteria for the selection and quality classification of Euroairnet stations.

Kanaroglou P.S. New transportation links and urban air quality: the red hill Greek expressway, Hamilton, Ontario

Vossiniotis G., Schmid S., Assimacopoulos D., Friedrich R. Integration of a Geographic Information System in a transport externalities assessment tool

Borrego C., Miranda A.I., Conceicao M.,Carvalho A.C., Lopes M., Tchepel O.

Climate change and air quality management: emissions and consequences

Sitara A., Assimacopoulos D. Policy measures and conditions for the diffusion of the electric vehicle in Athens

Mirasgedis S., Diakoulaki D. Incorporating environmental externalities in the long-term planning of the Greek electric system

Kaldellis J.K., Kodossakis D. Investigation of the environmental impact of wind turbines installations

Kolokythas G., Haralambopoulos D., Paraskevas P., Lekkas T.D.

Energy consumption in the wastewater treatment plants in the Aegean islands and renewable energy potential

Session No 9: Ecosystems                                          [Top]

Tuesday 31 August, afternoon, room C 

Session Chairmen: B. Samotokin  – K. Hadjibiros

Samotokin B.B. Human ecology on the territory with increased level of radiation

Florou H., Tsitsugina V., Polikarpov G.G., Margaritis J. Radiological assessment of environment by analysing cytogenetic effects in natural aquatic populations

Gazea A., Koukoumides C., Lazaridou-Dimitriadou M., White K.N.

Heavy metals in tissues of Gammarus SPP. (Amphipoda, Crustacea), from a mining area of Chalkidiki

Strogyloudi E., Catsiki V.A., Symboura N. Bioaccumulation of Cr, Ni, Fe from benthic organisms from N. Evoikos Gulf. Relation with ecological indices.

Arvanitidou M., Kanellou K., Constantinides T.C., Katsouyannopoulos V.

A survey on the occurrence and significance of fungi in potable waters

Sarkar S.K., Giri S., Misra A., Bhattacharya A., Bhattacharya B. Studies on polychaetes (annalida) from eastern coastal part of India

Lekkas D., Plomaritis Th., Tsirtsis G., Karydis M. Antifouling toxicity on marine microalgae

Petanidou Th. Long-term intraspecific variations in nectar secretion in the phrygana: implications for ecological management

Koukouvinos A., Hadjibiros K., Kyritsis E. Presentation of designated and proposed S.O.N.B. using the "Filotis" database


Session No 10: Wastewater Treatment                      [Top]

Tuesday 31 August, afternoon, room A 

Session Chairmen: A. Andreadakis  – A. Economopoulos


Stasinakis A., Mamais D., Paraskevas P.A., Lekkas T.D. Evaluation of kinetic parameters estimation methods in activated sludge systems

Kaimakamidou V., Yiannakopoulou T. Evaluation of the accuracy of activated sludge activity parameters

Magoulas A., Aggidis D., Zagogianni E. Evaluation of characteristic parameters of the industrial wastewater to be treated at the Metamorphosis Wastewater Treatment Plant

Hatziconstantinou C.J., Andreadakis A. Nitrification-denitrification systems under transient loading conditions

Andreadakis A., Mamais D., Noutsopoulos C., Gavalaki E. The problem of bulking sludge in Greek wastewater treatment plants

Thodos I. Anaerobic sludge digestion of domestic wastewater. Digesters evacuation-maintenance and re-operation

Filos J., Ramalingam K., Katehis D., Carrio L.A., Fragias J. Full scale evaluation of the step feed BNR process at the Tallman Island WPCP

Economopoulou M.A., Economopoulos A.P. Potential use of natural systems for treating municipal effluents in Greece.

Graziou M., Anagnostopoulos K.P. Construction cost of municipal wastewater treatment plants with aquatic plant in a subsurface system


Session No 11: New Technologies and Trends (II)          [Top]

Wednesday, 1 September, morning, room B 

Session Chairmen: G. Lyberatos  – V. Tsihritzis


Lambert S.D., Graham N.J.D., Sollars C.J. Potential of inorganic adsorbents for dye adsorption and chemical regeneration

Zhang Jimming, Brady Kevin T., Ren X. Sean Removal and recovery of nickel from electroplating waste solution by precipitate flotation

Voice T.C., Zhao X. Biological activated carbon fluidized-bed reactor (BAC-FBR) system for treatment of contaminated groundwater

Katsogiannis A.N., Kornaros M., Lyberatos G. Long-term effect of cycle time and aerobic/anoxic phase ratio on nitrogen removal in a sequencing batch reactor

Poulios I., Violaki K., Tsoumparis P., Katsougiannopoulos B. Photocatalytic oxidation of NO2 ions and NH3 in water

Grigorieva E.N. Some natural catalysts behaviour in coal treatment

Sopajaree K. Photocatalytic oxidation of methylene blue by titanium dioxide in a photoreactor

Christoforou S.C., Iliopoulou E.F., Efthimiadis E.A., Nikolopoulos A.A., Vasalos I.A. Novel bifunctional catalytic systems for the SCR of NOx using hydrocarbons as reductants

Nikolopoulos A.A., Stergioula E.S., Christoforou S.C., Efthimiadis E.A., Vasalos I.A. Selective reduction of NO on Rh/alumina catalysts: effect of metal loading

Zake M., Turlajs D., Purmals M. Electric field control of NOx formation in a flame flow

Katsikaris K. Vrachnos A., Poulopoulos S., Philippopoulos C. Influence of oxygenated compounds in gasoline on exhaust emissions


Session No 12: Wastewater management - 
                            Marine Pollution 

Wednesday, 1 September, morning, room A 

Session Chairmen: S. Varnavas  – M. Angelidis


Sokolov N.V. Theory achievements of protection of environment against disperse pollutants in wastewater treatment

Papadopoulos A., Papadopoulos F., Parisopoulos G., Metaxa E. Operational results of stabilization ponds in the region of river Gallikos, Thessaloniki, Greece

Davis J.S. The brine biological system and its management in the seasonal solar saltworks

Hoefken M., Huber P., Steidl W. The treatment of wastewater from breweries

Karnavos N., Rafaelidis A. Refinery oily sludge management

Kemmadamrong P., Aukraphasuchat W. Performance study of wastewater treatment by sand-media aerobic biological filter

Dassenakis M., Arsenikos S., Botsou F., Depiazi G., Adrianos H., Zaloumis P., Drosis G. General trends in marine pollution of the central part of Euvoikos Gulf

Voulvoulis N., Scrimshaw M.D., Lester J.N. Biocides from antifouling paints in the aquatic environment

Karavoltsos S., Dasenakis M., Scoullos M. Monitoring of lead, copper and zinc from land base sources in the Gulf of Elefsis

Angelidis M.O., Gavriil A.M. Determination of dissolved/dispersed petroleum hydrocarbons in the coastal zone of Mytlilene

Kaldellis J.K., Vlachou D., Konstantinidis P. Sea pollution by oil products. A comparative study of combating oil spills in the Aegean sea.

Session No 13: Environmental Pollution 
                            and Human Health                               

Wednesday, 1 September, afternoon 

Session Chairmen: V. Ganev - K. Chou

Gritzalis K.C., Koussouris T.S. Quality indices in habitats of technical works and natural flows

Antoniou V., Tsoukali H., Zantopoulos N., Dimitriou A. Human dietary intake of lead and cadmium from animal tissue consumption

Chou K. Disruption of sperm production and puberty in mice by great lakes contaminants

Kontos A.S., Fassois S.D., Deli M.F. Parametric dynamic modeling of the short-term effects of air pollution on children respiratory illness

Elliott S.J., Cole D. Alternative models of health risk assessment in an urban industrial neighbourhood

Tsaroucha A., Tsihrintzis V. Public and occupational health in Environmental Engineering curricula

Session No 14: Ground water Pollution 
                            and Management                                

Wednesday, 1 September, afternoon, room A 

Session Chairmen: E. Diamadopoulos - D. Sabatini


Zevgolis M.N., Gaitanos J.F., Kontos J.L. Hadling of electrical furnace slags and environment in Greek ferronickel metallurgy

Koukouraki E., Katsouli V., Diamadopoulos E. Polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons in urban and rural soils from the Chania area

Voudrias E. Clay liners for solid and hazardous waste landfills: How effective they really are?

Anastasiadis P. Simulation of contaminant transport. Application of principal direction technique in a shallow aquifer.

Karatzas G.P., Pinder G.F. Applications of operations research theory to groundwater management problems

Sabatini D.A., Harwell J.H., Knox R.C., Wu B., Hasegawa M. Surfactant selection for enhanced soil remediation

Kolitsa D., Komnitsas K., Chalikia E. Use of water covers for the prevention of acid mine drainage generation

Park Hun Seak  A method for assessing soil vapor intrusion from petroleum release sites: multi-phase/fraction partitioning


Session No 15: Environmental Management                  [Top]

Thursday, 2 September, morning, room A 

Session Chairmen: D. Panagiotakopoulos - N. Spyrellis


Charalambous A. Environmental management systems: when and to what degree are they suitable for companies

Evangelinos K., Blaza A. Environmental management systems standards-achieving greater credibility through greater visibility of their outputs

Mandaraka M., Kormentza Ir., Perikenti St. Greek manufacturing facing packaging and packaging waste management legislation-trends and attitudes

Frankl P., Rubik F. Application trends of life cycle assessment (LCA) in business in European Countries

Boura A., Koroneos Ch., Moussiopoulos N. Life cycle analysis: traditional and reverse approach-Its application to the washing machines

Venables R., Newton J., Venables J. Towards sustainable construction in the UK

Aarhus I. Environmental quality standards in tourism

Tsiliyannis C.A., Zifou M. Incorporation of environmental damage valuation in siting procedures

Meo M, Laguros J.G., Robertson J.M. Current research on the greening of technology and public policy in Oklahoma


POSTER PRESENTATIONS                                            [Top]

Monday 30 August 1999, morning                                                      [Top]

Kassomenos P.A., Kallos G. Winter air pollution episodes in Athens. The 13-14/12/1989 Case Study


Nikolaou K., Toskas G., Basbas S., Mustafa M. Air quality, urban transport evolution and application of gross-sector telematics in Thessaloniki


Zouridakis N. Comparative measurements of the radiocardon concentration in the center of Athens and in the countryside


Lahaniati M., Hatzianestis J., Bartzi A., Maggos T., Papagianakopoulos P., Bartzis J. Concentration levels of volatile organic compounds in the atmosphere of urban and suburban areas in Greece


Vassilakos Ch., Maggos Th., Bartzis J., Papagiannakopoulos P., Siskos P.A., Kalabokas P. Determination of sulfur air pollutants in a volcanic area by ga-chromatography


Retalis D., Retalis A. Air electrical conductivity variations during maximum and minimum air pollution levels in Athens


Koukios E., Avgerinos E., Diamantidis N., Billa E., and Graduate Students of Chemical Engineering Department of NTUA Environment-friendly Management of Ecosystems through Technological Developments: The Case of Coastal and Island Bioresources


Arapis G.D. Natural-restoration of radiopolluted territories and "dose equivalent rate" reduction


Kritikou Th., Moustakis A., Rigas F., Tselentis V. Respirable particulate matter in the matter in the air of Piraeus, Greece

Monday 30 August 1999, afternoon                                                    [Top]

Katter R., Rinesch C. Perspectives for the exploitation and development of abandoned mining areas


Lambropoulou D., Sakellarides Th., Albanis T. Determination of organophosphorus insecticides in environmental waters by using SPE and SPME techniques with gas chromatography.


Voutsa D., Manoli E., Samara C., Sofoniou M., Stratis I. A quality study of surface waters of Macedonia, Greece: Speciation of Nitrogen and Phosphorus


Roubani-Kalantzopoulou F., Compitsas M., Bassiotis I., Kalogirou E., Mavropoulos A., Siokos V. Qualitative determination of hazardous polycyclic aromatic compounds in aquatic environment with the use of laser


Pliakas F., Diamantis I., Petalas C. Environmental effects of a proposed groundwater artificial rechagre project in Orfanon region of Kavala


Papaioannou M., Spanos I., Loizidou M., Mather J. Study of the ground water quality in the area of Inofyta, Greece


Pendarakis K. Influence of phrygana cover on the ecology of cypress establishment in the White mountains of Crete


Avrabou A., Pastrouma Z., Tseremegli O., Kornaros M., Angelopoulos K., Lyberatos G. The effect of dye Orange II on the physiological parameters and growth of plant Coleus blumei L.

Gournellos Th., Evelpidou N., Vassilopoulos A. A morphometric analysis in gis environment to deduce geomorphological processes and the related natural hazards, at the island of Zakynthos

Tuesday 31 August 1999, morning                                                        [Top]

Koufogiannaki A., Foufa E., Tsatsou-Dritsa A. Determination of CrIII, GrVI and total Cr in drinking water-method’s evaluation


Douvartzides S., Georgakakis N., Tsiakaras P. Reaction kinetics of the catalytic combustion of light hydrocarbons (ethylene) in fixed bed reactor


Hiskia A., Troupis A., Ecke M., Kokorakis A., Hennig H., Papaconstantinou E.

Photocatalytic destruction of atrazine


Papadopoulos A., Fatta D., Athanassiadis A., Loizidou M. Water quality improvement using ionexchange process


Sakellarides T., Konstantinou I., Albanis T. Removal of pesticide residues from water solutions by adsorption of pillared montmorillonites and mesoporous aluminum phosphates


Inglezakis V., Loizidou M., Grigoropoulou H. Influence of dust on the physicochemical and ion-exchange properties of natural clinoptilolite


Thomaidis N.S., Siskos P.A., Kanelopoulou E.A., Nastos P. Th., Pagonis K.A.

Determination of heavy metals in wet deposition of Athens


Stasinakis A., Thomaidis N.S., Georgopoulou N.G., Giannis A.D., Grigoropoulou A., Karantanelli M., Lekkas Th. Determination of heavy metals and organotin compounds in the aquatic environment of Greece


Kirkitsos F., Bikas V.G., Sikiotis D. Corrosive of calcareous stones, with historical value, from nitrogen oxide and nitrogen dioxide

Tuesday 31 August 1999, afternoon                                                    [Top]

Psillakis E., Naxakis G., Kalogerakis N.

Detection of TNT-contamination in soil samples using SPME and GC/MS


Tsiros I.X., Ambrose R.B., Chronopoulou-Sereli A.

Air-vegetation-soil partitioning of toxic chemicals in environmental simulation modeling


Panagoulia D., Dimou G.

The use of circulation patterns to estimate local precipitation under climate change


Chrysoulakis N., Andritsos A., Adaktilou N., Cartalis C., Petrakis M.

Environmental management with the use of remote sensing


Parcharidis I., Pavlopoulos A., Serelis K., Tsintzuras S.

Man-made impact monitoring in Messolonghi lagoon system using multitemporal ers.sar data

Polyzou E.N., Louloudi A.E., Kontogeorgis G.M., Yakoumis I.V.

Prediction of octanol-water partition coefficients


Mihopoulos N., Dassenakis M., Anastasakis G., Scoullos M.

Physical and chemical parameters of a characteristic nearshore microenvironment in the island of Crete

Wednesday 1 September 1999, morning                                            [Top]

Pavlogeorgatos G., Lekkas T., Savopoulou S. Determination of dissolved and particulate Mercury at the activated sludge process


Catsiki V.A., Strogyloudi E. Comparative use of biondicators for the study of temporal trends in metal marine pollution


Zervoudaki S., Kaliva K., Apostolopoulou-Moraitou M. Seasonal variation of hydrobiochemical parameters in a coastal area of an ichthyoculture


Peristeridis G., Kungolos A., Samaras P., Ziogou A., Soupilas A., Karamanolis P., Sakellaropoulos G.P. Toxicity assessment of the wastewater from the Thessaloniki industrial area


Jamrah A. Investigation of selected water quality parameters affecting reuse of water


Angelidis M.O., Aloupi M. Toxic metals in the urban effluents of Mytilene: results of a monitoring program (1996-1997)


Jincai Zhao, Guangming Liu, Taixing Wu Photocatalitical degradation of dye pollutants under visible irradiation

Wednesday 1 September 1999, afternoon                                        [Top]

Englezou J., Tselentis V., Tzannatos E. Estimated air pollution from maritime traffic in the port of Piraeus


Kalaitzoglou M., Samara C. Chemical components in mainstream smoke of cigarettes produced in Greece: a comparative study


Fragidou A., Nikolaou K. Comparative analysis of Greek and UK environmental legislation and planning in S.E.A. context


Athanasakis A.M., Koussouris T.S. Principles of environmental science: a new cognitive field in the programme of upper secondary school


Kusy J. Pisa V. The ecological ash treatment and the liquidation of the brown coal burning in the Czech republic


Vasiliadis H.V. Identification and management of hazardous materials and conditions during bridge reconstruction


Karapanagioti H.K., Sabatini D.A. Natural attenuation: effects of heterogeneous soil organic matter


Tsiliyannis C.A. Pollution by sanitary landfilling, waste to energy and mechanical recycling and composting of MSW


Damigos D., Kaliampakos D. Using environmental economics to evaluate quarry rehabilitation alternatives



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